Praise for The Shamra Chronicles

from the media…

Hoffman has brought to life a huge world worth exploring for young girls in search of exciting stories and female empowerment.

~Kirkus on Chaos Unleashed

Strong messages about female empowerment permeate an inventive fantasy.

~Kirkus on Shamra Divided

Hoffman has constructed a world that is just alien enough to intrigue, yet familiar enough to entice. A promising beginning.

~Kirkus on Curse of the Shamra

I love that this series focuses on a strong willed girl and what she can accomplish! I have a daughter who is just about to turn 7 and I am always looking for books that will be empowering for her and I think The Shamra Chronicles fits that perfectly.

~Books Devoured

Chaos Unleashed is a fast paced and deftly crafted fantasy aimed at young adult readers, that is sure to keep them reading for hours.

~Small Press Bookwatch

Curse of the Shamra is a book that shows how girls can fight and win just as great as guys. I'm having my little sisters read it because I thought that Dara was a really good role model in this book. I think that it's great for all ages and has lots of life lessons-perfect for little siblings or your children.

~Bananas for Books

The Shamra Chronicles remains a necessary breath of fresh literary air into the young adult market saturated by sparkly vamps and Caspar-tinged ghosts.


The writing and storyline of this book were unlike any other. The writing was descriptive and informative, setting up the world of the Shamra in a way that very much immersed the reader. The writing of the book definitely was great, and I really fell for it.

~The Bursting Bookshelf

Chaos Unleashed is an action packed book, with a fast-paced plot, and awesome characters. The heroin, and main protagonist, Dara, was my favorite. At only 17 years old, she is someone that young girls can look up too. She is smart, strong, loyal and brave. She demands respect, speaks her mind, and will not allow someone to keep her down.

~Ladybug Storytime

A fine fantasy that will inspire many young women. Curse of the Shamra is a top pick that is highly recommended for those looking for a new fantasy series.

~Midwest Book Review on Curse of the Shamra

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