Praise for The Shamra Chronicles

from educators…

(We) loved Dara’s story and courage. The embedded messages of empowerment and change really struck home for our small town. I believe many youth will be talking about your Shamra soon and that their small world will be a model for all who cling to the past without looking for the good the future has to offer.

~Vicki Bleak, Title 1 Teacher, Camp Verde Schools on Curse of the Shamra

I absolutely LOVED [Curse of the Shamra]! The whole adventure was very captivating and the whole ‘girl power’ was great! I can’t wait to read the next edition… I do appreciate your work and you have just acquired a new fan!

~Marci Heaton, Educator on Curse of the Shamra

Curse of the Shamra will especially inspire out young women to challenge their fears and greatest obstacles to reach their full leadership potential.

~John Trautwein, Educator, Parjaro Valley Unified School District on Curse of the Shamra

Thank you very much for coming into my room, and giving my students so much! It was a true pleasure to sit back and hear them voice their thoughts with another adult. They learned so much! I also walked away a better teacher. I look forward to future teachings.

~C. Wright, Educator, Springs Ranch Elementary School