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Barry Hoffman interviews and articles:

Children’s Writer, April 2011: “Myths Timelessly Transformed” by Christina Hamlett, pdf of article here

Excerpt: “YA fantasy series author Barry Hoffman laments that the view that women are the weaker sex and in need of protection by their men dominated for so many centuries. “Sadly, the myth of the inferior woman in which she is a follower rather than a leader has long been perpetuated in YA literature. Teens today, for instance, are locked in fierce debate about who should win the heart of Bella, the self-absorbed heroine of the Twilight saga— Edward or Jacob. Bella is in constant need of protection and her two suitors offer just that.”

Hoffman penned his Shamra Chronicles (Edge Books) to dispel the notions of female dependence and helplessness. “Dara, the main character in the trilogy, refuses to accept the submissive mother/homemaker role assigned to her and, instead, emboldens a resistance army to battle against the enslavement of her people. Once freedom is achieved, Dara’s exploits inspire other young Shamra females to shed the shackles of inferiority, break the literal and figurative glass ceiling, and take their rightful place as leaders and warriors of the new society.”

Praise for The Shamra Chronicles

“A splendid journey into a world of intriguingly complex fantasy.”
—Richard Matheson, New York Times bestselling author of I am Legend on Curse on the Shamra

“Dara’s mission is very gripping— the adventure and escapes are engrossing…”
—Joan Aiken, New York Times bestselling author of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase on Curse of the Shamra

Curse of the Shamra is a wondrous odyssey, abloom with magic and heart. Barry Hoffman’s writing binds spell, takes breath and weaves dreams.”
—Richard Christian Matheson, Screen Writer for Stephen King’s Battleground for Nightmares and Dreamscapes

“A fine fantasy that will inspire many young women. Curse of the Shamra is a top pick that is highly recommended for those looking for a new fantasy series.”
Midwest Book Review on Curse of the Shamra

“Classic material drawn well.”
—True Review on Curse of the Shamra

“Fun fantasy read with strong female characters!…Each page is descriptive and alive…  As for my personal opinion of the book, I loved it.  It has that something extra that made me want to keep reading.  Though I haven’t read the first book in the series, Curse of the Shamra, I definitely plan to.  This is a series that I definitely want to collect…  For those of you looking for an alternate world where anything can happen and excitement and creativity abound, this is the book for you.”
—Literary Litter on Shamra Divided

Curse of the Shamra, aimed at younger readers, is entertaining enough to engage adults. The lessons here are ones that most adults have yet to learn. In a world where a new war, conflict, invasion, etc. seems to explode in our faces every day, the facts of war are something our children must come to understand at an age where their only concern should be whether there will be brussel sprouts at dinner.”
—SF Site on Curse of the Shamra

“Dara of the Shamra has always been different. She has never enjoyed the same things the other Shamra girls enjoy…She prefers the athletic competitions against the guys such as running, so she can feel the wind in her hair. …I found I was captivated the entire time. …I loved Dara’s character …Her journey to free the Shamra was a tale that enthralled and excited. I would definitely recommend this one.”
—Flamingnet Student Book Reviews on Curse of the Shamra

Curse of the Shamra is wicked. Dara is an awesome character. She is strong, brave, funny and a million other things…This book is well written, has an amazing plot, it makes you laugh and there is a lot of action and adventure. I can’t wait to read the next book.”
—Mesmeric Revelation on Curse of the Shamra

“I think I like this one just as much as The Curse of the Shamra but for different reasons. You learn more about the Shamra in this book and I loved going back and finding out more about Daras heritage…Like in the first, there is a lot of action, the characters are still courageous, smart and inspirational…Shamra Divided is well written and is a great read. I can’t wait until 2011 to get my hands on the third book, Chaos Unleashed.”
—Mesmeric Revelation on Shamra Divided

Curse of the Shamra deals with some heavy hitting concepts, like gender roles, placidness when action must be taken, and authority feeding people answers. .. a humorous and entertaining story. Twists and turns will keep you locked in until the very end; I often caught myself reading into the wee hours of the night. I had to know what was going to happen, no matter what!…The characters and settings spin themselves into a three dimensional world, which happens only with the best fantasy. Hoffman created a wonderful world full of interesting creatures and amazing interactions, bringing to life a world never before seen or imagined. This man is too unrecognized for his work: someone should put him on Oprah!”
—Jess Reviews on Curse of the Shamra

Sometimes , I pass books on to my 12 year old son. Sometimes he opens up the packages and run away with them. I don’t get much of a response for him regarding reviews. I have to gauge it by the time it takes for him to read it. Two days, it was done. My son said it was cool and wants another!”
—Geek Girl Reviews on Curse of the Shamra

“This is a rousing adventure novel that address the nature of personal responsibility and cultural prejudices while entertaining the reader from first page to last.”
—Creature Feature on Curse of the Shamra

Curse Of The Shamra whisks readers off to places more alive than most characters, and characters more deeply drawn than the typical stereotypes flooding the vampire and sword and sorcery stories today.”
—Horror World on Curse of the Shamra

Praise from Educators:

Curse of the Shamra will especially inspire out young women to challenge their fears and greatest obstacles to reach their full leadership potential.”
—John Trautwein, Educator, Parjaro Valley Unified School District on Curse of the Shamra

“I absolutely LOVED [Curse of the Shamra]! The whole adventure was very captivating and the whole ‘girl power’ was great! I can’t wait to read the next edition… I do appreciate your work and you have just acquired a new fan!”
—Marci Heaton, Educator on Curse of the Shamra

“(We) loved Dara’s story and courage. The embedded messages of empowerment and change really struck home for our small town. I believe many youth will be talking about your Shamra soon and that their small world will be a model for all who cling to the past without looking for the good the future has to offer.”
—Vicki Bleak, Title 1 Teacher, Camp Verde Schools on Curse of the Shamra

Praise from Students:

Curse of the Shamra was a good book. It had good adventures and good characters and villains. I also liked that the book had a female leader. I liked Dara because she is brave and not scared to be herself.”
—Kathy, Horizon Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO

“I thought Curse of the Shamra was great because it showed that girls can do anything boys can do, and they’re not going to be a maid for the boys.”
—Colton, Horizon Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO on Curse of the Shamra

“This book shows girls aren’t just girls, and that they can do anything boys can do, possibly better. It inspires girls to not just stand back and watch boys lead but to go ahead and just DO IT.”
—Ciara, Springs Ranch Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO on Curse of the Shamra