Another chance for you to win…

Here’s another chance for you to win the The Shamra Chronicles trilogy, journal, and pen set.  Go to The Book Cellar for details.  Giveaway ends on August 11th! Also, don’t forget to “Like” The Shamra Chronicles Book Series page on … Continue reading

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Another Store Bites the Dust

In the wake of the liquidation of Borders, Shelf Awareness reported on July 22nd the closing of another independent bookstore: Bookberries in New York City. In a related story on the store’s manager, Clarence George, blamed an increase in … Continue reading

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Wanted: Positive role models for teenage girls

Adolescent and teenage girls need to be exposed to literature where there are positive role models with whom they can identify. Such books are few and far between. Look at one of the main female role models in teen literature … Continue reading

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Check it out – Free Shamra giveaway!

Just wanted to let you know that Media Masters Publicity has a couple of giveaways going on that run until August 4th… One lucky reader will receive a copy of my YA fantasy series The Shamra Chronicles, along with a … Continue reading

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Encouraging kids to read through… bribery?, and other ideas I disagree with

“First Mate Keira”, a guest blogger on Literature Young Adult Fiction, suggests nine ways to get kids to read. Most are harmless if hardly innovative (#1 “Be a reader yourself,” she tells parents). Some are just common sense (#2 “Take … Continue reading

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New interview posted with Barry Hoffman

Click here to check out an interview I did with The Bursting Bookshelf.   I answer questions about how I got the idea for the setting of The Shamra Chronicles series, who I based several of the characters on, what … Continue reading

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From the frying pan into the fire

In unsuccessfully attempting to defend her Wall Street Journal article “Darkness Too Visible”, Meghan Gurdon comes off as whiny; someone who feels she’s been treated like a human piñata. The poor dear feels she has been attacked relentlessly and she … Continue reading

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