CURSE OF THE SHAMRA now available for Kindle

I am thrilled to report that not only is CURSE OF THE SHAMRA an Ebook available through Smashwords but today accepted the book as an Ebook for Kindle. You can find the CURSE OF THE SHAMRA Ebook for Kindle … Continue reading

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Curse of the Shamra now available as Ebook

We are excited to announce that the first book in Barry Hoffman’s YA trilogy CURSE OF THE SHAMRA is available from Smashwords as an Ebook ($2.99). For those interested please click here to order. We will let you know when … Continue reading

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Leaving the reader inspired, and hungering for more…

There are any number of reactions readers have after completing a satisfying novel. I know when I am particularly enjoying a book I feel a bit sad as I come close to the end (unless it’s part of a series). … Continue reading

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Staying true to character

As a writer, I’m generally a minimalist. I like to allow the reader to use his or her imagination to picture what I’ve written, so I don’t use a great deal of detail. In my adult novels the apartments my … Continue reading

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Will Bookstores Cease to Exist?

On June 14, Australia’s Minister for Small Business Nick Sherry said “I think in five years, other than a few specialist booksellers in capital cities we will not see a bookstore, they will cease to exist.” While he was speaking … Continue reading

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You’ve got to take the Dark with the Light

At the very beginning of Meghan Cox Gurdon’s Wall Street Journal’s June 4th piece, “Darkness Too Visible” Gurdon mentions a woman attempting to purchase a book for a 13-year-old at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. She found nothing appropriate – … Continue reading

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The inspiration behind Tyler the Bauble – wise beyond her years

When a Shamra is born he/she is given a Bauble, a centipede-like creature, as a pet or ornament. Most Shamra are not aware that Baubles are sentient creatures of great intelligence. In Curse of the Shamra I introduced readers to … Continue reading

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