What Would Dara Do?: Reaction to Miley Cyrus Criticism

Miley_Cyrus_Y100_Miami_Concert1This is the ninth in a series discussing how characters in The Shamra Chronicles would deal with current hot-button issues and pressures that confront today’s teens. How would Dara respond to Miley Cyrus being vilified for her performance at the Video Music Awards?

Dara would probably suggest those outraged by Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs take a chill pill. Celebrities are often unjustifiably put under a microscope and even when behaving badly (though not illegally) are targeted as being poor role models. Dara would have none of this.

Even before becoming a leader of the Shamra resistance, when her country was invaded and enslaved, she was a rebel and often criticized by her fellow Shamra. She competed in athletic competitions against boys (and often prevailed) causing consternation among adults who felt females should act . . . well, like females (raise the children, do household chores and generally be seen and not heard).

She said what was on her mind in school, drawing the disapproval of her teachers. “Why were there no female heroes in the Holy Book that was the core of Shamra teaching?” she asked. Not a question to be posed in class. Dara also wore a necklace passed down from generation to generation by her family which flew in the face of Shamra tradition where the wearing of jewelry was discouraged.

In today’s world the Shamra would be tweeting like crazy about Dara’s rebellious behavior and mocking her with parodies on YouTube. Late-night Shamra talk show hosts would make her the butt of their jokes.

Would you find Dara twerking if she lived in today’s society? No, it wasn’t in her nature to be outrageous in her actions. On the other hand she would be the last to criticize Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is no Lindsay Lohan, who has been in and out of rehab and courtrooms like a revolving door due to self-destructive behavior.

Cyrus was a positive role model during her run on Hannah Montana. Even then her every action was scrutinized. She is attempting to break out of the Disney shadow that is responsible for so many child actors flaming out before they reach adulthood. She flaunts her sexuality and dresses provocatively. She hasn’t, though, been in rehab for drug or alcoholic addiction. She hasn’t been arrested for shoplifting . . . hasn’t been arrested for anything.

If twerking is the extent of her rebellion it’s tame compared to other child stars who have struggled (just a few weeks ago former Disney child star Lee Thompson Young committed suicide). No way would Dara condemn Cyrus. She would, on the contrary, applaud her rebellious spirit.

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