What Would Dara Do?: Part Eight

This is the eighth in a series discussing how characters in The Shamra Chronicles would deal with current hot-button issues and pressures that confront today’s teens. How would Dara respond to the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs?

I live in Colorado Springs and have seen the impact of the Waldo Canyon fire. While the great majority of Colorado Springs has been spared the worst effects of the fire it has impacted everyone. Homes have been destroyed, lives lost, evacuations commonplace and no one has been spared the smell of the smoke that, at times, blanketed the city.

So, what would Dara, heroine of The Shamra Chronicles do when confronted with a fire like the one that has caused havoc in Colorado Springs? While women were taught to be submissive in the land of the Shamra Dara rebelled and when her country was invaded and enslaved she became the leader of a resistance army to free her people. She’s not one to sit on the sidelines.

Once the fire spread causing evacuations and destruction Dara would have wanted to fight the fire. Sadly, she is a teenager and she would not have been allowed to be a firefighter to combat the Waldo Canyon fire. She would most definitely have been irritated. To her age is a merely a number. She would have agreed to training and would have taken a test to determine if she had what it took to fight the fire. She wouldn’t have gotten her way due to her age. Now, it’s possible that impulsive as Dara was she might have ignored any warnings and attempted to fight the fire without permission. But, that would have been foolish and might have put others in harm’s way. After seething a bit Dara would have understood this. Still she would have wanted to be on the front lines. She would have volunteered to provide food, water and other necessities for those firefighters combating the fire.

She would have done more. Families who were forced to evacuate their homes were told, at a meeting, the last week in June whether their homes had survived the fire or been destroyed. For some prayers were answered. For others their worst fears became reality. Dara would have been at that meeting and would have done all she could to comfort those families whose homes were destroyed. She would try to make them understand that possessions can be replaced but lives can’t. Just as she attempted to raise the sometimes sinking morale of her resistance army she would rally those who lost their homes to look at what they still had – their lives and their loved ones. And, later, when it came time to rebuild, even though a teenager, she would volunteer to help in any way possible.

Still, she really would have wanted to actually fight the fire. It’s in her makeup.

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